Why vegan??







We do not believe in using animal by-products in our lip balms, especially honey or beeswax. A bee's life work is in honey production and the process is incredible. Bees sip nectar from surrounding flora and pollinate our plants. They bring the nectar back to their hive and regurgigate it. They then cool it to the correct consisetency by fanning it with their wings, where this substance becomes honey. They store this honey for use during winter when they cannot gather nectar due to the cold. While they are working, beekeepers rob the hive and steal their honey, sometimes killing many bees in the process. By keeping bees in storage units, this allows beekeepers to harvest honey much sooner and leave bees without their muchneeded product for winter. To feed their bees, keepers provide them a fake sugar substitute.


Unlike other popular brands, we believe keeping bees for manufacturing or hobby purposes violates a bee's rights to be free of exploitation. Breeding, buying and selling products from bees violates their right to a free and happy life. Also, many bees are killed when a beekeeper smokes them out of their hive to steal their honey.




Our Philosophy

How we started

Many years ago, I suffered health problems related to chemical allergies and a poor diet. I decided to follow a path toward a vegan lifestyle and removed all products that contained chemicals. My life changed drastically when I made these changes and I will forever be grateful for the ability to live a cleaner and more fulfilling life.

I had the idea for Peace Pout in 2012 when I was searching for organic products in my hometown. To no avail, my small farm town did not offer anything organic or chemical-free on its shelves. I decided to manufacture these products so everyone could have the option to live a healthier lifestyle. We started with a line of lip balms and the company quickly grew to include a baby line, men's line, women's line, and soap line. The soap is even safe for your pets! We are now in many stores and continually add exciting new products.

What makes us different from our competitors? We are vegan-friendly, all-natural, and organic!