What people are saying...

Your products are amazing! I am buying all of them!

                                                  -Lynda, PA

My daughter can only use Peace Pout because she has so many sensitivities. This brand should be everywhere!

                         - Janet, business owner

I am proud to support this company and order balms for my patients. I am a Chiropractor and want my patients to have chemical-free options.


                        - OH Chiropractor

I finally feel safe buying your organic makeup for my daughter instead of that junk at Walmart.


                                                   - Patty, PA

Your body care products smell so amazing. I finally feel good about what I am putting on my body.


                            - Jackie, Wheeling WV

You are an inspiration to my daughter. You show her you can be a young female business owner and be so determined to make it!

I am a chapstick junkie and these will be with me every day! I love knowing exactly what I am putting in or on my body.

                       - Jenna, festival attendee

I am so happy you are bringing affordable organic products to small towns!

I have so many sensitivities and this is the only brand that I trust. I usually break out from using other brands, but not with Peace Pout.

                      - Josh, festival attendee

I had no idea how many chemicals other brands use. These chemicals can't be good for us.  I will never buy Chapstick brand again.

               - Ashley, festival attendee

The smell is so incredible. I want to eat it!

                                 - Travis, Farmington PA

Please tell me you are making other products! I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

          - Mandee, festival attendee